“Moving between roles is how I operate best” says producer, engineer, musician Adam Jaffrey. Known for his artist-oriented work style and multi-disciplinary approach, Adam works out of  Unwound Studios, which sits at the center of the burgeoning Southeast London music scene.

A multifaceted talent, Adam’s sonic imprint can be heard across albums from Tom Misch to Palace to Obongjayar. In 2020 he produced, wrote and mixed on the Ivor nominated album What Kinda Music by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes. That year he also recorded and mixed the critically acclaimed album Wu Hen by Kamaal Williams as well as engineering records by Obongjayar, Loyle Carner, Oh Wonder and K-Trap.

Interested in recording from a young age, Adam first experienced the recording studio assisting at Radiohead’s studio. As a musician, he cut his teeth as a member of Trailer Trash Tracy’s, recording and touring behind their debut album for Domino Records before deciding life behind the boards was more to his liking.

Adam says “People are often confused by the terms engineer and producer. I’ve never found that delineation too helpful, I get involved in writing sometimes too. No matter what I’m doing I’m always thinking about the end result. What does it feel like to be inside the song? I’m plugged in and for the period of time it is being recorded, I am a custodian. I take care of it.”