Producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Joseph possesses the rare combination of dedication to sonic excellence, and considerable musical proficiency that makes the recording process as exciting as it is fruitful.  Born and raised in Southern California, his sound, though constantly evolving, is uniquely identifiable and has the tendency to make listeners stop and ask themselves, “who is this?” His body of work is a testament to his appreciation of numerous eras and types of music. Jon has produced thousands of songs, and contributed to projects such as Mini Trees, Børns, Caroline Rose, Low Hum, Bayonne, The Technicolors, BOYO, Gungor, Gothic Tropic, Beck Pete, All Things Blue, Joel Ansett, Spaceface, Sunshine Boysclub and many more.

A writer on many projects he produces, Jon has amassed a considerable catalog of songs leading John Congleton to sign Jon to his new publishing company Animal Rites, a joint venture with Domino Publishing.